Bullying: Why we need to stop it?

Bullying. It is something familiar to us right now, and it is also the term that is being afraid by most parents. They tend to worry about their children in their school, whether their kids get bullying or not. Bullying is an unwanted and aggressive behaviour that mostly happens is school. This behaviour could harm the mental health of the victims and could create a long-lasting problem for both of the kids who do the bullying and also the victim of the bullying. As a parent and teacher, you should stop the bullying in school. Because if the teacher does not take part in doing this, the condition will become more severe in the future.

The impact of bullying

One of the effects of bullying toward the children who are bullied is they tend to have psychological disorders in the long term, such as depression and anxiety. This could lead them to youth suicide, and this is so fatal. They would also feel headaches, sleep disturbance, and stomach pain. Actually, the individuals who would suffer the effect of bullying are not only the victims of the bullying but also the people who witness the bullying and bullies the others. They also have a higher risk of having mental disorder consequences.

What you can do to stop bullying

The most significant thing you should do to prevent any bullying happens in school or to stop it by ensuring a safe environment for children. It means that all of us need to work together to create this kind of environment. It requires the responsibility of the government as the policymakers, parents, and also teachers to build a bold law regarding this unwanted and aggressive behaviour. The perpetrators also need to be sentenced to jail so that the bullying would never occur again in the years to come.

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