Corona Virus: Everything you should know!

I bet you have already known about the novel coronavirus. It is a virus that outbreaks from Wuhan, China. This virus could cause illness, such as a common cold to a more serious disease. To date, no vaccine could inhibit the outbreak of coronavirus.

What you need to know about coronavirus

This virus could be transmitted from animals to people. The symptoms of people who are infected by coronavirus are shortness of breath, fever, cough, and difficulties in breathing. The most severe condition could make the victims have pneumonia, kidney failure, and death. There are some recommendations for you to prevent the spread of the infection, such as doing hand washing, covering mouth and nose when having a sneeze. An essential thing that you have to avoid any contact with anyone who has symptoms related to respiratory diseases.

Myths related to coronavirus

There are some myth busters related to novel coronavirus, you should realize that not all of them are correct. First, you can still receive a package or letter from China since there are all safe. It is said that coronavirus could not stand the long distance. Second, there is no evidence saying that it is not harmless to pet an animal. However, please do not forget to wash your hand with water and soap after contacting your pet. Therefore, you could protect yourself from many bacteria coming from your pets. Third, the corona virus is not only affecting older people, it could also infect younger people. But, older people with a particular medical condition would be more vulnerable to get affected by this virus. Last but not least, as I said earlier that there was no vaccine to protect against the infection so that antibiotics or vaccines for pneumonia could not save you from the outbreak of this virus.

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