Express Your Personality through Home Interior Design

People are defined by their personality, which is the internal factor that creates unique qualities of an individual and differentiates them from one to another. Our personality is something that we can never change completely, but it is shaped and can much evolve over the time with the accordance of your own environment. Expressing your personality is not only through your outfits, might as well through your interior choices. In similar ways to your fashion styles, even the smallest choice of styles in your design from colors, patterns, textures, shapes, furniture to lighting describes your personality. A good quality home interior design is one that matches the styles and needs of the owner.

Among all, expressing your personality through color choices is the most obvious way. Color in the interior design conveys your desired mood of the house, and different colors match different personalities. If you are drawn to the cool colors, like green, it indicates yourself as an affectionate and loyal type of person. Any shades of green in your home may convey a feeling of safety and security. Moreover, the color green is a popular choice for both living rooms and bedrooms as it helps to reduce the feeling of anxiety and is said to increase reading ability. Meanwhile, bright colors, such as yellow, it represents happiness and creativity. The color yellow in your home creates a cheerful and energetic mood while making you feel more motivated, increasing concentration, and stimulating your memory.

Another personal touch you can add in designing your home is the choices of furniture. Your hobby usually inspires your choice of furniture and other assets. Let’s take a look at these examples. If you enjoy traveling from one to another part of the world, you can showcase your personality by decorating your home with the souvenir collections you bought from another country such as postcards, refrigerator magnets, and other handicrafts. On the one hand, if you love spending your leisure time by reading, displaying a few bookshelves of your book collections in the living room would be a perfect idea.

In short, whether you are an introvert, extrovert, traveler, foodie, techy, bookworm, or any other personality, it is essential to allow your personality to determine the desired interior design in creating a home you will fall in love with. Why? Because home is not just a place for you to live and sleep, but it is a place that you will always want to return, so do ensure to have a house that you will be happy to call home.

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