Realize Your Dream Wardrobe with Your Own Personalization

The traditional cupboards have been transformed into modular wardrobes as the time changes. They don’t only offer more spaces, but also can give you a tour of a dream house when you needed to makeover your fashion style. If you are really into fashion then this can be good news for you: a built-in wardrobe can be tailored exactly similar as what you need. With this type of wardrobe, you can also keep your room free from all the clutter. Wardrobe in Sydney has trendy styles and designs of wardrobe that are available for you to choose.  

Here are a few types of wardrobes that might match your personalization.

  • Sliding Door Wardrobe

Now almost all the traditional standalones are converted into modular wardrobes with sliding doors. This kind of style can be designed with multiple doors. It’s using less space, offering you the space as much as you need even in a small bedroom.

Moreover, the modular wardrobe with sliding doors is easier to access because they can be opened and closed without any hassle like wardrobes with shutters.

  • L Shaped Built in Wardrobe

This style is also known as a corner wardrobe. L shaped wardrobe is the best to be placed on the corner of your bedroom, which is generally wasted. You can apply the design that made of wood for a classic vibe. For a sharper look, you can use the combination of high gloss and glass. L shaped built in wardrobe also offer you a storage space as well as a great style.

  • Built-in Wardrobe with Open Sides

What makes this different with other wardrobes is because it can be built anywhere in your bedroom. It can be added in a room to divide the space in your room and also create storage space, so two problems can be solved at one time. Therefore, this style is ideal for a large room, since they can provide the space but also give an urban look.

  • Built-in Wardrobes with Mirrors 

Your room can look bigger if you add mirrors to the built-in wardrobe. The reflective mirrors that are placed on the wardrobe panels can offer you a dressing-up mirror, aside from amp up the look of your room. This style will be best for a small room, since it gives you a classic vibe as well as offer you the space to put your furniture.

  • Walk-In Wardrobe

It is a dream wardrobe for so many home owners. This kind of wardrobe will help you create a space that highly organized with such a massive storage and luxury looks. Walk in wardrobe is really well designed that you can keep so many stuffs of yours there. From all of your clothes, shoes, until important stuff that you want to keep. The standard of a walk-in-wardrobes is they have storage and three sides of hanging place. You can convert your unused space in your bedroom into a walk-in closet. 

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