The Mistakes You Should Avoid To Have Effective Name Badges

Think about an international conference where professionals all around the world meet at the same building. Each of them is gathering to build networks and share some ideas to enhance their business strategy. For an event like this, the great aim is to make all the professionals all over the world turn to partners from strangers. Would it be such an inconvenient event when some people have a hard time to recognize other people’s names? this is something that should come up at the top of every event coordinators’ mind. 

As the host of the event, it is very essential to make sure that this event could bring people together. In terms of bringing people together, you cannot miss out not one little tiny detail. This is where you need to put your concern into name badges for each of the attendees. Careful before you let all of these professional attendees wear the name badges. Any mistakes will get a serious impact on how effective the event went. As the person in charge, you can never let this happened.

Worry no more, because there are common mistakes that most likely will happen in any major business events. From here, we will help you to learn some more, what kind of disaster you need to avoid. Your main focus regarding the name badge is, of course, the design. It cannot be too small or too big. You should know the right size and the right fit for your attendees. After that also pay attention to its materials that you’re going to use. You don’t want your guests to have breakable name badges. To make sure that you’ll learn more lessons, here we break down some of our common mistakes that you have to consider when making professional name badges.

1.   Mispelled Names

This is the number one mistake that you should avoid. The whole point of the event is to make everyone get connected. Misspelled names somehow will be offensive and the impact of it will be very serious. Double-check your attendee’s list, and make sure their company spelt properly as well. Avoid typo as best as you can, because one letter could bring you into an unnecessary disaster that you don’t want to deal with.

2.   Name Badges Design

When it comes to writing someone’s name, make sure that other people can see it. Never use any complicated type of fonts. Also, be mindful of the size of the fonts itself. Make sure that it won’t be too big or too small for anyone to read. The main aim is for them to read it. 

It will be a great idea to put some creativity in your name badges design. Be careful not to put too many contents or excessive colouration into it. Keep it simple and classy, so it won’t be too much for your attendees to wear it.

3.   Bad Quality Materials

Using fragile and breakable materials would be a disaster for your attendees. Make your name badges as effective as it can be, so they can use it without having any interruptions. Remember, all of these professionals have their agendas to make the best impressions, and not one slipped of the name badges can not ruin it their chances.

These are three main points to keep you aware of what mistake you might be going to make. As the host of the events, make sure that you bring people together and small details are always the one that comes to your mind.

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