This Is the Different Sensation of Playing Games on a PC and on a Smartphone

Games have now become a necessity and a culture for everyone. Aside from being an entertainer, the game is also an option for some people to be a time killer when they are free or relaxing.

Along with the development of the times, the existence of the game is now very easy to access. In contrast to the past, which can only access games on certain devices, now almost all devices already have games. No exception on our smartphone. Although its main function is as a communication tool, from here also we can choose and play the games we want.

Different controls

There are times when you prefer playing with controls directly on the screen of your smartphone, but there are also times when you are more comfortable using a control device such as a console when playing games. All that can be adjusted to the game mode that you are playing of course.

If you just play with basic controls, then the controls on the screen are enough. But if the control is done more rely on a combination of buttons, then the control through the console is the most appropriate choice.

Screen difference

The screen on a smartphone varies. Sizes are ranging from 4 inches to 6 inches. Ideally, if playing on a smartphone, a large screen that is recommended is 5 inches to the top. If the screen is still under 5 inches in size, it feels like the gaming experience you get will feel very less.

It’s different when playing on a PC. You will get a wider visual certainly. Of course, this will make your playing experience more enjoyable. Besides, the screen on the PC will indeed be focused on the screen for the game being played. It’s different like on a smartphone where it will be divided to become a place where you will play later.

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